Analysis Of Senator Onesimo 's ' The Imaginary City ' Essay

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MARQUEZ Quotation, Passage, or Scenario Page Comment, Analysis, Observation, Reflection, Question 1. Even its name was a kind of joke, because the only rose in that village was being worn by Senator Onésimo Sánchez himself 1654 The paradoxical name of the imaginary city reinforces the author’s opinion about politics: a now corrupt and illusionary institution as emptied of the highest ideals of social commitment. 2. The carnival wagons had arrived in the morning. Then came the trucks with the rented Indians who were carried into the towns in order to enlarge the crowds at public ceremonies. 1654 Marquez compares the senator Sanchez’s election campaign to a circus, complete with “carnival wagons” and trucks “with the rented Indians.” The entire staging is used to pull the wool over the eyes of the exhausted citizens of Rosal del Virrey. 3. They finished by setting up a cardboard façade with make-believe houses of red brick that had glass windows, and with it they covered the miserable real-life shacks. 1655 The cardboard façade is a self-explanatory metaphor. It seems to emphasize the inconsistency of the politics as reduced to a mere sleight of hand enriched by eleborated sets. 4. he saw the back side of the farce: the props for the buildings, the framework of the trees, the hidden illusionists who were pushing the ocean liner along. He spat without rancor. “Merde,” he said. “C’est le Blacamán de la politique.” 1656 But there is someone who can see the truth. Nelson

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