Analysis Of Spellbound

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A good film shows us characters and shows us their lives and analyze their actions and environment. A great film takes us into it's the character psyche and take us into their mind and show us true humanity in their characters. A good director creates sympathy for characters you should like. A talented director can make you like the broken if not even the evil characters. This act of creating these broken but sympathetic and likable characters is something Hitchcock started. The beginning of this idea of making these broken people not a powerful and in control character your lead. Hitchcock is renowned for many things from him making the wrong man theme famous, to his use of motifs, to his cameos and more, but this idea of your lead not being put together and never being fully resolved was a new idea. This idea of creating a sympathetic villain was brand new. At his time, no one even touches the idea of psychologist or mental illness as anything but the creation of a villain. However, he turned this on its head. He made the first film with a psychologist shown in a good way spellbound. Though spellbound was not one of Hitchcock best films, one critic named Thomas Leitch said it was” most determined attempt to employ the jargon and images of psychoanalysis”. Spellbound was the beginning of Hitchcock interest in psycho-analysis that entering into the end of his life led to him starting to create these broken characters, who were likeable and we felt for. You see this new way
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