Analysis Of Stargirl By Jerry Spinelli

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I am reading Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli and I am finished with the book. This book is about a girl who is very different from everyone moving to this new school. At first everyone seems to lover her, but it all changes later in the year. One gu named Leo gives her chance and he learns that being different is ok. In this paper I will be connecting and evaluating. I can connect to the character Stargirl because we are both very different from the crowd. One way is that we both do things differently from everyone else. Stargirl is very unique when it comes to things. One example of this is when she says high to strangers in the hall just to be nice (Spinelli 10). She also brings her rat Cinnamon, to school everyday and people usually don’t bring their pets to school. She also would wear a different style of clothing everyday. One day it would be a kimono and another it would be indian buckskin. Like Stargirl, I also do things differently. I prefer to not turn things into a fight, and instead negotiate through problems. I also like to work by myself on projects as I feel like I am able to work much better by myself. Unlike most people, I am also a huge pessimist and look at may things from a negative point of view. We also both like different things from everyone else. Stargirl likes a lot of different things. She liked to sing Happy Birthday to people on the birthday in the middle of lunch (Spinelli 9). She also would cheer for her team even more than their own cheer team
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