Analysis Of Strangers In The Dumpster

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Gilbert is a boy who hates time. He thinks that you should not just be able to go forward in time, but be able to go back in time. He has been tried to carry out his goal with his dad for a long time. they would work in his tree house. His dad was a ship man, so he was only around in the summer and on sea for winter. When his dad was home for the summer they spent a lot of time together. When he was gone Gilberthad being taken care of by his dad's helper. Her name was Ms. Curie. Gilbert mother died when he was young, so he never really had a mother in his life.
Gilbert was very hard-working and would try so hard to defeat time Gilbert. One summer Gilbert was working with his dad who thought Gilbert could reach his goal of defeating time.
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His dad had to go back to work so he wouldn’t lose his job. Something really bad happened one day he was sailing. Gilberts dad died after being lost at sea. Ms. Curie got a call from his work and told her they were not able to find him. When Ms. Curie heard this she ran and told Gilbert the news. when Gilbert heard this he was so sad. He would never have a real family anymore.
Gilbert had been for a long time. He was sad his dad wouldn't be coming home anymore to visit him and spent time and help him with time. He didn’t let him end his time defeating though. He kept working hard and using his knowledge to try to time travel.
At the end of the story Gilbert was sad about his dad but didn't let that ruin his life he still worked hard. I liked Gilbert because I liked how he never gave up when his dad died and he pushed himself to defeat time. This story was a long story, but I liked how he had a goal in life and he knew what he wanted to meet his goal. For just being a kid and trying to defeat time I was really impressed by him.If my dad died and my mom had died I would be really sad, but I know I would have support from my other family members I would also have a hard time if I only saw my dad for about three months in the whole year. I loved how much support Gilbert's dad had for his son, he seemed like a great dad. In my opinion I wish Cory Doctorow would have narrowed this story down a
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