Analysis Of The American Revolutionary War ( 1775-1783 )

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Cristian Sandoval Prof. Jodie S. Brown English 205 22 July 2015 Rogerian Argument Who’s Right? The American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) was the armed conflict between Great Britain and the Colonist. Those residing in the colonies in America were the Colonists. Both parties were known as one entity, however, with time and the lack in similar interests, a schism was created and they became Great Britain and the Americans. As the Colonist grew and tried to expand, King George, the ruler of Great Britain at the time, wanted to take control over western expansion. King George’s control propagated to the colonists and were “tied to Britain by trade” which left them dependent. Due to the lack of currency flowing in the colonies, the colonists “used barter and credit” to acquire the things necessary to survive (“Why were they Colonies unhappy with the British?”). The King requested that the expansion of the colonist be restricted to the Appalachian Mountains and were “ordered east” instead. On top of having to move, the colonists were ordered by the King to provide housing for the British Colonies that would be stationed there. The Colonist felt that this was unnecessary because of the French and Indian War being over. From this, the Colonist are put in a position where they feel the need to separate from the king. The colonist wanted to be free from the tyranny. During this time of conflict between the Colonist and Britain, Parliament decided they need a way to pay for the

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