Analysis Of The Article ' Hustle As The Strategy `` By Amar Bhide

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The strategy as one of the factors that are essential for sustainable success of the Organization, is hot disputes with the passage of time. The most varied range of topics, concepts and theories is around the strategies. The objective of the essay is a critical review of the article "Hustle as the strategy" by Amar Bhide. First of all, it will look into the position of the article in the broader debate on strategies. Secondly, it will examine the suppositions and theoretical bases of the article.
It will then assess the strengths and weaknesses of the viewpoints presented in this article. And lastly, author’s personal thoughts on strategy will be terminated alongside the conclusion of the entire essay.

Position in the broader strategy of the debate

Amar Bhide applies "hustle" as a strategy for the organisation to succeed in the market. He contradicts the role of the strategic planning or long-term development strategy and at the same time puts emphasise on the role of the operation and super execution (Bhide, 1984). This position is in the wider debates on the competition verses Performance view, Prescriptive verses Emergent view and Positioning approach verses Resource-based View (RBV). Amar Bhide has his viewpoints on the side of the performance, to comply with the mandatory requirements or the organisation-led approach. From the perspective of performance view, organisation is internally self-focused rather than “obsessive preoccupation with rivals” and making

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