Analysis Of The Article ' Selection, Slanting, And Charged Language ``

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According to Birk and Birk in “Selection, Slanting, and Charged Language”, the word slanting could be used for or against or it can be used both ways. In Mokoto Rich’s article is for the Federal Guidelines. Now “slanting by use of the devices of emphasis is unavoidable, for emphasis is simply the giving the stress to the subject matter, and so indicating what is important and what is less important” (Birk and Birk2). It’s basically stressing certain words and they can produce a positive or negative outcome. In Rich’s article is in favor if Federal Guidelines, because once you start picking the article and going over it, sentence by sentence, she had more to say about the inequalities that the students are facing in their schools. Rich’s article uses slating throughout the paper, trying to push the reader to favor what the author is saying. According to Birk, “Each different stress gives you a different slant (favorable or unfavorable or balanced) to the statement because it conveys a different attitude”(Birk and Birk2). The way the author emphasis the words in the article gives you a clue, on whether they are in favor or against or balanced. For example, some of the words are “must have equal access to comparable programs, materials and facilities”(Rich). The key words that seem to be stressed on more in ‘must have equal’ which suggests that the schools have to have it, she could’ve used a different words, but instead she used those. Birk and Birk suggests that “we can

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