Analysis Of The Article ' Tearing Up The Yellow Pages '

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David Dunne’s article, “Tearing Up the Yellow Pages” was published March 30, 2010 in The Mark. In this article, Professor Dunne predicts the almost certain demise of the Yellow Pages as a printed paper medium. The very title of the article summons up an image of the Yellow Pages being ripped up and tossed aside, of little use to the savvy, connected consumer of today. As well, Dunne expresses his doubts as to whether the old-school Yellow Pages persona can be transposed into a viable option as a digital choice in a technology obsessed world advancing at a rapid, user-driven pace. It is tired old thinking to search for information this way he maintains, and throughout the article depicts Yellow Pages as a struggling company with an…show more content…
His writing creates a sense of trepidation, alluding to the feeling of stepping from a dock onto a boat that might sail away just as we are stepping aboard; this creates a perception of backing away from the logo and the use of the Yellow Pages. I feel that in it’s familiarity, the YP logo instills instant recognition of what it is and what it can do. The internet by its very existence has created a state of unpredictability for companies who find themselves in a position where they must quickly adapt to changes initiated by the world wide web or fall behind. And so it is for Yellow Pages. The company has recognized that digital business is exploding and has taken steps to re-vamp their website as an attractive and impressive medium filled with articles that entertain and inform while still providing their key service - business information search. Their challenge is to attract and retain users (
Dunne speaks of economic challenges that threaten the existence of a business; challenges that require management to question the models that made it successful in the past and states that businesses cling to their models, particularly at the worst of times. YP is clinging to few models of the past, and is rapidly reinventing itself, reaching new heights
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