Analysis Of The Article ' Totem Begets Clan '

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In the article “totem begets clan: the brand symbol as the definer marker of brand community” the writer Greg Stratton and Jeremy Northcote explained about the brand symbol, popularity of brand communities including traditional communities, social communities and postmodern communities. Development of technology and mass media has given rise to different brand communities. Brand community is a period used to describe similar- minded users. These users share important traits including rituals (characteristic of a particular religion), sense of responsibility (an awareness of your obligations), and traditions (beliefs from tradition to tradition) and identify special brand (Muniz and O’Guinn, 2001). In the abstract the author specified the…show more content…
They sum up the full article without providing proper definition of brand community. I am satisfied with their view points because all the writers give their own views and definitions of brand communities but nobody become successful to analyse brand communities. Holt (2004, 2006) tells that brands are cultural symbol expressing the identity (rituals, language and iconic activities) of consumers. Brand is described by a symbol or name that people use to discuss about particular service or product. Brand symbol is very significant for giving a unique image to any type of brand. The author recommended the classification of brand community as very difficult and complex fact. This makes the whole article more complicated to understand. Schau et al. (2009) have defined 12 practices related with brand communities. These practices are distinguished into impression management, community engagement, brand use and social networking. However, It is not easy task to separate the brand communities from other communities because of their broadness and complexity in characteristics. The authors have written about one characteristic that make brand community different from other type of community- to make a brand as the surpassing all other association. Firstly, “brand” is a central point of brand community which is shown by symbol (linguistic marker, visual marker and
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