When Totems Beget Clans : A Case Of The Brand Symbol As The Defining Marker Of Brand Communities

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When totems beget clans: A case of the brand Symbol as the defining marker of Brand communities

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Understanding the marketing concept 3
Problems and Challenges faced in marketing decision making 5
Analyse and Evaluate information in marketing context 6
Recommendations 8
Conclusion 9
Reference List 10

The consumers in 21st century are very much brand conscious in whatever or wherever they purchase the products or services. The word brand comes out of the value of the products is higher among the existing products or the services (O’Reilly, 2011). The branding has unique feature which differentiate it from the other products and buyer of which also separates from the …show more content…

Most of the consumer are very much passion and enthusiast about the certain brand. This passion turns into brand community. For instance , companies like Harley Davidson and Ferrari has only few numbers in purchasing then that can called as the brand community (Schau, Mun˜iz & Arnould, 2009).

Harley Davidson Brand community %
Harley is an integral part of my life 52%
Harley really care about the customers 34%
I would recommend this to my friends 79%
I am very satisfied with Harley 38%
I have lifelong friendship because of the Harley 49%

Graph 1: Harley Davidson brand community
(Source: Hatch & Schultz 200, pp-334)
From the above graph , it has been found that, Harley is an integral part of my life is brand community not the one which suggest I will recommend Harley to my friends (Holt, 2004). Apart from that , brand community is also can be formed by the group of people who are very much passion about certain brand and do not use other products for instance , Manchester united fans and Nutella or can be BBM group are some of few band communities but the BBM group or the couch surfing are not brand communities (Hill & Vincent 2006). The difference in both cannot be justifies because brand communities are not be classified properly by the any of the literature or the marketer. It has been understood that brand communities are very much recognized by the particular symbol that represent community of few people (Holt, 2004).

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