Analysis Of The Bicycle Thieves

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Two scenes from the Bicycle Thieves that although they have nothing to do with the plot they are essential for the film are: the scene where many bicycles and parts of them are being sold in a piazza, this is an important scene because it adds to the film a feeling of optimism that ends up turning into hopelessness. The other scene is the one where the thief has an epileptic fit adding to the film a feeling of despair. These two scenes also contributes to the overall meaning of the plot by showing us that the harder you try to accomplish what you want in life the more obstacles you will have and the more hopelessness you will fell.
The first scene where bicycles are being sold at the piazza is very important. Ricci is hopeful at first, and so are the watchers, that he will be able to find his bike at that place and all his problems will be solved. He looks everywhere for it, at first it seems like his bike might be there because there is an overwhelmingly amount of bicycles and pieces of them and the people around him helping him are very optimistic, but as he keeps looking and looking things start getting more complicated because every bike, tire, bell, and frame he sees could belong to his bike giving him hope that he has found it but the moment he realizes is not his, the hopes he had to find it sinks deeper. We can observe this when he’s looking at the bikes lined up in minute 34:08, when he’s looking around an expression of anxiety and disappointment forms in his face

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