Analysis Of The Book ' Alix '

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“Alix, are you sure you want to do this?” questioned Jasmine. “Of Course. It’s going to be fun! you need to just chill out Jasmine,” said Alix excitedly. “I really do not think we should do this. What if we get caught?” “Jasmine, stop acting like a crybaby.” “Alright, let me close the locker and if you pass out it’s not my responsibility,” chuckled Jasmine. “Really Jasmine?” “I am just kidding Alix. I would never do that to you,” laughed Jasmine. Jasmine shuts the locker “How does it feel being in the locker?” questioned Jasmine. “It’s pretty cool,” said Alix. “Alright, I am going to open the locker now.” Jasmine was struggling to open the locker, but she finally did it. Alix was perfectly fine. Jasmine was the one freaking out the entire time. “Well, that was fun. Now it’s your turn to go inside Jasmine.” “Alix, I really do not want to do this. I am very nervous.” “Fine, don’t do it then. Let’s go from here”. “Alright wait up. I will do it, but do not leave me.” “ I won’t, said Alix laughing a little. Alix closed the locker and Jasmine was feeling a little afraid. “Alright, I am going to leave now. Bye Jasmine.” “ALIX! You better not leave me here.” “hahah, I won’t. I am opening the locker.” Alix opened the locker. Even though, Jasmine was scared at first she actually had fun doing this. Jasmine and Alix were best friends. The first time they met each other was during their first year in middle school. The instant they met each other, they became such
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