Analysis Of The Book ' Backstory With Devin '

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Other narrative devices that I used in my script are backstory with Devin, in which Elroy reminds him of what his life has become. I used foreshadowing in dialogue referencing hell at different points referring to the ending which is meant to be the beginning of the end of times and hell on earth. I used some-what of a cliffhanger at the end as it is implied what is going to happen in which Marcellus and the three humanoid creatures are heading towards the town hall to kill everyone, but we don’t really see it leaving it up to the viewer’s imagination. I also used plot twists, especially in the climax as unexpectedly Devin kills himself, and the Priestess then possesses his body. I would say the use of these narrative devices in my script are quite effective because although I only used a few devices in the plot, I feel that if I had put a lot of different narrative devices, my plot wouldn’t be the same or have the same impact as it does now. I don’t think I could have told my story differently in that it’s an idea I’ve kept to myself for the last couple years and this is the first platform for me to show this idea that has resonated with me. I do believe though that I could of told my story more effectively in that some the actions are a bit short in which I think some cases might move the plot faster than it should. I would say that my script without a doubt is a horror script. There are many conventions from horror films that are used in my script, but not enough to make
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