Black Box By Mrs. Egan

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When reading “Black box” The reader becomes part of the story by becoming the main charter. The author places you in the story by writing in second person. Mrs. Egan writes her story in short segments called “Tweetables”. By using this unorthodox method of writing you begin to feel like the story is your life.
The opening tweet of the story are keys to successfully when a guy. It says “when you succeed you will see a certain sharpness come to his eyes” (egan1) which makes you wonder who is giving you these instructions and what they will lead to. It also leads to the question of who is telling you the information.
As you continue to read the story the next tweet reads “kindness is feels good, even when it based on a false notion of you identify and pours.” (Egan 2) it makes the reader begin to question the character’s intent. Building up the sixpences of what the mission is. When she mentions the identic of her self it puts forth that she may have a screed identic.
In tweet number she begins to talk about question that will be asked on the beach. It starts off with “when you know a person is violent and ruthless you will see violent and ruthless in such basic things as his swim strokes… “we’ll have privacy there” may sound unexpectedly ominous” (Egan 4). As you read this you begin to comprehend that these are not a step by step guide on how to be a screed agent but in stead notes you wrote to yourself as you completed the mission. With the story being in second person you
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