Analysis Of The Book ' Blood Red Road '

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Saba’s True Goal
Romance can be a part of someone’s life, but it isn’t always the main focus. In the article “I Can’t Think About Kissing: Strong Female Protagonists and Romance in Dystopian Young Adult Fiction”, university student Mollie Hall discusses romance in dystopian novels: “Romance is pursued, but it is a side pursuit in the female protagonist’s journey instead of the goal.” (Hall 5). This statement is true in the novel Blood Red Road by Moira Young. Saba is a girl with a plan, who has had her brother stolen from her own home. She vows to get her brother back and sets off on a journey, meeting many interesting, villainous, and kind characters. That being said, Saba finds a bit of romance. This, however, is not her main goal. This is evident during Saba’s first meeting with Jack, her need for help, and her thoughts on her relationship with Jack. To begin, the initial meeting between Saba and Jack demonstrates a romantic viewpoint in the novel. Upon seeing Jack, Saba instantly feels a sense of love from her heartstone, a necklace charm that heats up when you are near your heart’s desire:
I pull out the heartstone tucked safe inside my vest. It’s warm. No. Hot.
That’s strange. I look at the sky. The sun’s dyin [sic.] in the west. The day should be cooling down. (Young 180)
At this moment in time, we know that Jack is a romantic interest in the story. He is immediately designated as Saba’s ‘heart’s desire’, implying that she really wants to be with…
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