Analysis Of The Book ' Celebrated Cases Of Judge Dee

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The book Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee takes place in the Tang Dynasty in a region of China called Chang-ping. The time in which the book took place was a very Confucian society due to the resurrection of the Confucian Educational System. This society emphasized beliefs such as the importance of the government, education, filial piety, and the 5 relationships. It believed that the gentleman was the embodiment of all these characteristics and was held to the highest standards. Legalism was the practiced legal system at the time. In the legal system, it was expected that to those who were accused of wrongdoings were to be tortured into confessing their crimes and the punishments were very severe. One of the ways Legalism worked was that when one was suspected to be guilty, the confession would be tortured out of them, rather than searching and comparing all the suspects. The society of the time also practiced and believed in spiritual entities. They 'd pray in temples for answers to their questions and the response they 'd get were taken seriously. These were the common practices of the time. This novel focuses on Dee Jen-djieh, or more commonly known as Judge Dee. He is the magistrate of Chang-ping and is famous for solving many successful and puzzling cases. He is an honest, wise, benevolent, justice-loving magistrate, although some members of the public believe he is too rash in judgments and often jumps to conclusions. Judge Dee is a good magistrate because he is

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