Analysis Of The Book ' Don 't Waste Your Life ' By John Piper

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For my book report I read “Don’t Waste your Life” by John Piper. The book, just like the title makes it out to be, explains in great detail Piper’s ultimate fear in life was that he would waste it. A sermon really touched his heart and that day he made a goal to have a life that mattered and made a difference for the Kingdom. He understands everything in this world will fade, but “what’s done for Christ will last” (Piper 12). He grows up seeking different people and books to figure out what he can do to have a life that won’t be wasted. After much patience, Piper had a revelation that “God created me- and you- to live with a single, all embracing, all transforming passion- namely, a passion to glorify God by enjoying and displaying his supreme excellence in all the spheres of life” (Piper 31). He explains that in order to live a life that you will not waste by glorifying God, we first have to understand Christ’s crucifixion and live a life that glorifies what He did for us on the cross and then realize the passion God has placed in our hearts. God is so worthy that we should strive to fully display his glory and be delighted in doing so. Another major point from this book is understanding what Philippians 1:21 states “To live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Piper focuses on how we can glorify God through death. Many wonder how that is possible because after you die, you cannot evangelize to the world. Well the answer is simple, we get to magnify Christ through our death. If…
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