Analysis Of The Book ' Harvest '

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Harvest depicts a black teenager, Angel who is socially discriminated because of her race. In the story, Evans represents unequal treatment people often get based on race. This clearly gives the idea of ongoing racism in our society. Evans tries to make readers aware that such discrimination could be the root to even more problems. She implies that racial discrimination is not necessary and should be put to a halt.
In the story, Angel is portrayed as a normal college student who is in need of money. She and her friends saw advertisement on their campus about selling eggs for money. It means that there are people that are going to pay a woman that willing to get pregnant and give the baby to them. However, due to her black skin, no one wants an offspring from her. To assure that they are going to get the good genes, they want it from her perfect, tall, white roommate, Laura. Due to the filthy work Laura did, she received huge amount of money, and it made Angel filled with envy and jealousy. She badly judged Laura, however, unexpectedly, in the end of the story, Angel got pregnant as well. In that desperate time, Laura is there for her and also financially supports her. She had a slight thought to abort the child, but in the end she decided to keep the baby. The story ends with a quite surprising situation, with the character got pregnant, despite the judgment she gave to other person. It is an ironic situation, which she turned out to be the same as the person she judged. It
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