Analysis Of The Book ' Once More On The Lake '

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When looking at the writings of Annie Dillard and E.B. White we can find some strange similarities. In their works “Once More to the Lake” by White, and “Aces and Eights” by Dillard, they seem to be writing about completely different things. White’s essay is about visiting his favorite lake from his childhood with his son. White’s essay is about visiting a summer cabin with a child she neither names nor claims any relation to. Yet, digging deeper beneath the surface, we find strong connections through their memories, their child companions, and mainly, their take on the passing of time. In E.B. White’s essay, he starts off with the memory of going to the lake with his father, “One summer, along about 1904, my father rented a camp on a lake in Maine and took us all there for the month of August.” Just as his father did for him, he writes about bringing his own son to the lake. He is constantly unsure whether it is his son doing certain actions, or if he is remembering these actions from his own childhood. The things his son does are so similar to what he did at the lake as a child they begin to blend together into one experience rather than two. He mirrors this feeling with how he sees the lake, timeless and unchanging. Much like White, Annie Dillard twists the reader’s view of time quite frequently in her essay, as well as allows her own view of time to become twisted. Through the young girl, she is yanked from the present and thrown into the past of her own childhood as

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