Analysis Of The Book ' Supporters Of The Documentary Hypothesis '

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Supporters of the Documentary Hypothesis draw on quite a few sources as evidence. Firstly, they argue that the use of divine names. The Elohist document refers to God as “Elohim”, while Jahwist refers to God as “Jehovah”. It is argued that this inconsistency signals that Genesis 1 and 2 were written at two different times by two different groups of people. The next argument is the proposed continuous narration in the J document and E document. The fact that these documents can stand alone as their own pieces of literature has the potential to negate the idea that the books were written during the same period, let alone by the same person. The parallel passages also offer a higher critical argument for the Documentary Hypothesis. The “doublet” account of Creation traces Genesis 1 to the Priestly source during or after the Exile and Genesis 2 to the Jahwist source of the 9th century. While the passages seem to be describing the same story, the inconstancies create a problem for single authorship. The lack of continuity in literary style of the Pentateuch also offers evidence for the division into documents. Each document seems to carry its own traits and characteristics that define it from another document. For example, the J document features a much more active God in the Creation story. The E document, alternatively, has a more transcendent quality in how it depicts God’s role in the Creation. The differences in style offer no support that a single author was responsible for

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