Analysis Of The Book ' The Arms '

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I breathe in and all I can smell are the dusty pages underneath my nose. Everything seems so real. I look up and see father’s chin. His arms envelop around me holding up the large book so we both can see it. It is like I am in my own little world with only me, father, and the most beautifully written words, dancing on the pages in front of me.
“Once upon a time, there was a family of four. The father was very tall and slender, and had a kind face. His way of speaking made him seem as though he knew everything there is to know. Next to him was the mother, tightly holding arms with her husband. Her blond curls rolled down to the middle of her back, and once you looked into her eyes you couldn’t look away because you would see an entirely different world within. They had two little boys. The youngest, Oliver, had the same blond hair as his mom and would never leave her side because he was awfully shy of the wandering people passing him. William, being the complete opposite, also had the same blond hair as his mother, but had deep brown eyes drunk with power.”
Father’s voice is deep and full of emotion as he carefully reads the book spread across my legs. It is like the words popped out of the page and came to life. I could clearly see the family standing in front of us right now, as if we were floating right next to them. The family wore the finest clothing ever seen and they all started walking to this golden gate.
“There were two golden baby angels”, continued father,

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