Analysis Of The Book ' The Handbook For Men '

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This image was chosen because it depicts an extreme and unlikely scenario in which a male is completely calm and untroubled in a potential life threatening in which he is propelling several feet above four circling sharks in the middle of the ocean. Also, I particularly found the bolded red writing claiming “Be Prepared For Anything” and “the handbook for men” particularly interesting and thought that it spoke to the masculine notion of always remaining composed and in control of one’s environment. Furthermore, I also found the stark contrast between the male’s facial expression of superiority and the dangerousness of the situation interesting.
To me this image reinforces societal beliefs that establish men as emotionless and fearless because the male is hanging on a rope above four sharks and is unafraid, confident, and serene and is smirking at his predicament. I thought it was particularly significant that the person appears to be an average male who is not overly “masculine” and muscular as is often the case in advertising. This, combined with the phrases on the book suggests that all ordinary men should “get the girl, win at everything, fix anything, [and] survive in the wild.” As a result, the handbook is essentially a guide on how to become a masculine man and conform to hegemonic ideals. This suggests that masculinity is not something natural and is in fact socially constructed, as is the case with this guide, which seeks to define masculinity and being a man “ready

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