Analysis Of The Book ' The Scarlet Letter '

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Vital to the “A”

The Scarlet Letter is a book complete of secrets and deceptions. The book teaches you about the difference about telling the truth or keeping it a secret. It shows you the challenges of both telling the truth and keeping a secret from everyone. There are many vital scenes throughout the book. With many of the scenes, if they weren’t in the book it would have had a completely different ending. The Scarlet Letter is a book full of eventful scenes that keep the book both exciting and interesting. One of many vital scenes in the book is when Hester is accused of adultery and sentenced to wear the scarlet “A” on her chest. This crucial scene takes place on the scaffold, Hester is holding Pearl awaiting to hear what her punishment for committing adultery. After hearing both Governor Bellingham and Reverend Dimmesdale discuss her and the mistakes, Hester was ready to obtain her punishment for not reviling the name of Pearl’s father. Because of this Dimmesdale declared that Hester must wear a scarlet “A” on the center of her chest. Hester was relived and disheartened. This was the scene that established the remainder of book. The usual punishment during the Puritans time for adultery was execution. So if Hester had been given the usual punishment for her crime, she would have died. This would have certainly changed the entire book, maybe there would even be a book! The book is about Hester living her life with the “A”. So if she died what would the book be
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