Analysis Of The Book ' Theories Of International Politics And Zombies '

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Cameron Lurcook
Dr. Michael Allen
Political Science 306
September 21, 2015
Drezner Reaction Analysis In Daniel W. Drezner’s book, Theories of International Politics and Zombies, Drezner explores the theoretical impact a zombie apocalypse would have on international relations. In his exploration of ideas, Drezner analyzes the approaches of different types of feminism disciplines to a zombie apocalypse. The two feminist ideas he explores are liberal feminism and post structuralist feminism. Drezner however, ignores the idea of a radical feminist approach in a critical time such as a zombie apocalypse. As an important discipline and idea around feminism, Drezner’s lack of acknowledgement of this idea proves to be hurtful to his argument of the reaction of feminists as a whole to a potential zombie apocalypse. I will apply radical feminism to a zombie apocalypse to better understand Drezner’s focus on feminism, and contrast these ideas with those explored in the book. I am to explore the differences between radical feminism and the two feminist theories Drezner focuses on, liberalism and post structuralism.
Daniel Drezner explains the ideas that many feminist’s share: the world is vastly different for women than it is for men. The gap between the genders is to the detriment of women. Radical feminist would concur with this point. Radical feminism centers on the idea that the suppression of the female gender is the main focus of all oppression within the world (Rowland and
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