Analysis Of The Book ' Zits '

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Have you ever wished to go back in time? Do you want to see what happened in the past with your own eyes? Zits, a 15 year old boy, who is half Indian and half Irish, actually went back in time and experienced many small parts of the past. Zits has been in many foster homes after his mom died of cancer. Zits would always get in trouble. He would run away from his foster parents and get caught by the police. He’s been in jail many times. That’s where Zits met Justice. Zits and Justice seems to get along well together. Zits feels like Justice understands him. Justice was also the one who helped Zits escape prison. They would practice shooting people on the roof of a warehouse and go to alleys to shoot people with paint guns. “I practice killing people until it feels like I’m really killing them”(33). This is what Zits say before he went to a bank with a real pistol and a paint gun and started shooting at the people at the bank until bank gaurd shoots at him in the back of his head. When he wakes up he finds himself in a small, cheap, and filthy motel room. Zits also finds himself in a different body and with a cop. He finds out that he is in Hank Storm’s body. He is an FBI agent and he is with Hank’s long time friend Art which is also an FBI agent too. Not only did he find out that he is in a different body but also in a different time. It is 1975 and Art is taking him to a reservation. There they met with 2 Indians guys named Horse and Elk which are famous people in the

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