Analysis Of The Book ' Two Kids '

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Book Summary- In Fablehaven, two kids, Seth and Kendra Sorenson are dropped off at their grandparents house while their parents go on a cruise for “family reasons.” When they arrive at their grandparents house, Grandpa Sorenson acts suspicious when the kids wonder where their grandmother is. Grandpa Sorenson introduces them to Lena, the housekeeper and Dale who helps with yard work. He then leads them to a spacious attic space where there are many things to be entertained with. Grandpa only has two rules for Kendra and Seth: No going into the woods and never enter the barn. Kendra is given three keys, over a couple of days she finds that one key goes to a jewelry box and one to a dollhouse. In the dollhouse, there are two more hidden…show more content…
He tells Kendra and Seth to never go into the woods because there are dangerous creatures that aren’t allowed in the gardens. Meanwhile, Seth disobeys the rules and goes off into the woods. On his adventure, he spots an old shack covered in ivy and vines. He notices an old women that is gnawing on a rope that she is tied to. She asks Seth if he would come inside and share a cup of tea with her. Seth asks if she is a witch, then she becomes very furious and puts a curse on him. He sprints of like a cheetah and runs away from the “witch”. The next morning, their grandpa asks them “What do you suppose makes people so eager to break rules?’’ He keeps his eye on Seth. Seth explains to his grandpa that he was just very curious and that he met a creepy old lady. His grandpa nods and changes the subject. They are given some milk (the magical one) by Lena she said that it would give them the power to see “what is really out there.” Seth shows Kendra a hidden pond with gazebos, a boardwalk, and a boathouse. Grandpa explains that his yard is not a place for endangered animals, but for mystical creatures such as fairies, trolls, and imps. This land is known as Fablehaven and it is owned by lots of people, passed down every few centuries. He also explains that the old woman in the forest was actually a real witch. Her name is Muriel Taggert and the knots were her punishment for trying to put a curse on Fablehaven. After meeting
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