Analysis Of The Cashier's Counter At New Moon Grocery

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On September 23, 2015, Gary Stasiuk, approached the cashier’s counter at New Moon Grocery, which is located on 295 Grammatan Avenue in Mount Vernon. Stasiuk claims that he gave the cashier a twenty-dollar bill to pay for the only item he was purchasing, a Swanson microwavable chicken dinner. The cashier, David Eu, asserted that Stasiuk gave him a ten-dollar bill, and Eu gave Stasiuk change appropriate for a ten-dollar bill payment. Stasiuk said “Where’s the rest? I gave you a twenty-dollar bill!” Eu responded, “No, sir. You gave me a ten-dollar bill.” Stasiuk became enraged and yelled, “I gave you twenty bucks! Give me the correct change!” When Eu insisted that Stasiuk had given him a ten-dollar bill, Stasiuk yelled, “Don’t f--- with me, man! I’ve had it with people trying to screw me!” Stasiuk then swung his right arm and punched Eu on the left side of Eu’s face with a closed fist. Stasiuk then immediately left the grocery store.
Eu’s daughter witnessed the event and followed Stasiuk out of the grocery store where she called to a nearby police officer, Officer William Podzus. Officer Podzus detained Stasiuk while he spoke with Eu, and after learning of the events of the incident, arrested Stasiuk for Assault in the Third Degree, pursuant to N.Y. Penal Law Section 120.00(1).
In his report, Officer Podzus stated that at the time of the incident, the left side of Mr. Eu’s face showed bruising and swelling and that his daughter had brought him a bag of frozen peas to apply to…
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