Analysis Of The Czar 's Daughter And Averted Vision

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Excepting to Move Forward In We Learn Nothing by Tim Kreider “The Czar’s Daughter” and “Averted Vision,” both exchange about only accepting certain details’ in a relationship and accepting what you want to see. I don’t agree with Tim Kreider seeing only parts of what is going on is bad for a relationship to grow any further than where it stand in that moment in time. Seeing the full reality of a situation help us living our lives, pushes use to reach our full potential in relationship. When somebody only telling you parts of the details what they are doing is hiding secrets behind their partner. Tim Kreider said “It turns out that when there is some conspicuous gap or contradiction at the center of someone’s existences, there is probably a very specific, obvious reason for it, and the reason you’re avoiding confronting it directly is that it’s something you don’t want to know” (Kreider, 2012, p.36). Ultimately, one needs to accept the situation to be with that person in a relationship or confront the situation with a chance of losing them. The quality of a relationship and where it goes is determined by our growing action to grow together closer to that individual. Having that support and strength to overcome any obstacle that life will throw at one is easier in an honest and respectable relationship. Kreider say “We mistakenly imagine we want “happiness,” which we tend to picture in vague, soft- focus terms, when we really crave the harder edged quality of intensity”
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