Analysis Of The Documentary ' No Impact Man '

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The planet earth is forever changing and evolving. It is true the Earth’s resources are quickly running out as humans senselessly destroy natural ecosystems for personal benefits. The planet we have lived on all our lives has been depleted day after day in order to keep up with the population demands. But it’s time to say enough to the endless destruction and begin the reconstruction of Earth’s bountiful properties. The documentary ‘No Impact Man’ demonstrated that living without non-essential products can be done. Although it was quite difficult at times for Colin Beavan and his wife Michelle to go without some of their most desired treats for an entire year, they proved it possible. Their goal was to leave no impact on the earth by avoiding all means on motor transportation, using cleaning products that are bio-friendly, purchasing only locally grown produce, going without material goods, and doing all while collecting no garbage. This seems difficult enough on its own, but add into the mix that the Beavan’s have also just taken the plunge into parenthood as well .Their family project also includes their four year old daughter Isabella, who was more than happy to help save the planet in her own way. Though the Beavan’s year long journey was a definite change up from their usually routines, it took some adjusting and willingness to make a difference. Several times though the documentary I found myself thinking it would be possible to make a difference myself with only
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