The Borough Of Brentwood, England Be Considered A Sustainable Community?

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To what extent can the borough Of Brentwood, England Be Considered a Sustainable Community?

Subject- Geography
Topic- Sustainability

Sustainability is currently a global concern. In recent years scientists have publicised theories that the Earth will not be able to cope with the exponential growth of pollution and resource consumption.
At present there are many examples of areas that have made their communities sustainable as a result of the UN millennium goal. These goals stated…One example is Milagro. This is a community in Arizona that has recently become sustainable. It is known for its cohousing community of twenty-eight, energy efficient, passive solar homes.
I have chosen to perform my tests in Brentwood as it is a developed, affluent area. As a result of this its public transport networks are large, its resource consumption is high and its houses are large. Further, Brentwood is an area that shows an even distribution of wealth, preventing anomalies.

Research Question/ Hypothesis
• The research question I have chosen to investigate is “In what ways can we agree that the town of Brentwood, England, is a sustainable area?”
• The hypothesis I will be trying to prove/disprove is “Through the Sustainability Communities Index it is apparent that Brentwood is a sustainable town”.

The Sustainable Communities Index

The Sustainable Communities Index is a system of indicators for livable, equitable and prosperous cities. It is

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