Analysis Of The Film ' Front Of The Class ' Essay

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This paper is going to focus on two theoretical perspectives and how they are applied to the film titled “Front of the Class”. This film brings us through the life story of a young man diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome (TS), obstacles that he was confronted with and how he overcame many life struggles in order to become an accomplished and gifted educator. The theories will be evaluated for their practice implications as well as their areas of strengths. As this film is analyzed through the lens of two human behavior theories, it is imperative to identify how social assemblies oppress and marginalize an individual while simultaneously bringing forth social justice as delegates of change.
Object Relations Theory
Object relations theory focuses on an individual’s propensity to attach to a nurturing parent or caregiver at a young age. Through these attachments, individuals gain a confident sense of self and a secure sense of how they relate to others (Urdang, 2010). Object relations theorists believe that individuals hold onto images of their first caregivers in their subconscious in order to sort out later interactions with important figures in their adulthood. Object relations theory is also explained as a relationship between human beings, in particular within a family and especially between the mother and her child. A basic conviction is that we are driven to form relationships with others and that failure to form positive early relationships leads

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