Analysis Of The Film SinginIn The Rain

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The 1952 classic film Singin’ in the Rain is mainly identified as the classic example of the Hollywood genre of a musical. This is revealed to the audience right from the beginning, during the opening credits, in which the three stars of the film are named and then shown singing the title song Singin’ the the Rain. The main characters, Don, Kathy, and Cosmo, break out into the many different scenes of song and dances, which make up the core genre conventions of a musical film. There are also the complex studio stage sets, that look surrealistic, that are filled with dancers and extras that are apart of the choreography of the songs, suggesting to the movie audience that Singin’ in the Rain is in fact a musical. Within these extensive choreographed performances, there are the many costume changes by the characters that correlate with the extravagant songs and dances, thus implying what genre the film falls under.
Additionally, this film can also be identified with the subgenres that are sprinkled in this classic musical. Since the events in the film take place on movie sets and within the inner workings of movie-making, this particular musical is an example of a backstage musical. This subgenre of the musical allows the characters to get away with the random singing and dancing since they are performers putting on a show for the camera. The spectacles of musical numbers are also more acceptable when the characters are on a studio stage or backlot, thus the songs don’t have

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