Analysis Of 'The Haunting Of The Sunshine Girl'

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The Haunting of the Sunshine Girl is a thrilling book by Paige Mckenzie. It explores the theme that nothing has to be done alone. Everything started on Sunshine Griffith’s sixteenth birthday, throughout the year Sunshine has been faced with a series of tests followed with her new powers. Every since she was young, Sunshine knew she was adopted, but who has she inherited these powers from? While Sunshine’s life changes forever, the people she loves change affecting everything. The whole story is described in detail affecting the imagery, characters and the two point of views.
The characters in The Haunting of the Sunshine Girl have similar personalities to one another. Sunshine’s character seems a little dull. Besides her luiseach power Sunshine Griffith could be considered as a stereotypical nerd character; quiet, smart, and unlike other people. It could be hard for the readers to connect with the main character on a personal level because the author has failed to describe Sunshine’s unique personality. Most characters in this novel have some stereotypical features, but they all have a surprising characteristic to them. Most characters followed the luiseach journey along with Sunshine from the beginning, and were there to help her. Sunshine’s classmate, Nolan, was Sunshine’s partner throughout the discovery of Sunshine’s powers. He was labelled as her protector through this journey. They discovered most secrets together. Readers would have assume that their teacher,

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