Analysis Of The Heart Of A Woman

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“The Heart Of A Woman” is a two stanza poem by author Georgia Douglas Johnson. The poem focuses on the subject of the freedom, imprisonment, and time shifts that a woman’s heart goes through. These may seem like contrasting ideas, however in Johnson's poem, it provides a heartfelt subject matter. These ideas show how emotions play in the development of a character, in this case the heart, through the use of only two equal-length stanzas. “The Heart Of A Woman” is portrayed in third-person narration, with the speaker telling the story from an outside point of view. This makes the reader or listener to use their own imagination when picturing the characters and imagery used. This poem is interesting in the fact that the characters all center around the general theme of freedom and restriction. The main character of “The Heart Of A Woman” is “the heart” (1,3,5,7), followed by the supporting characters of “the woman” (1,5) and “bird” (2). It is also interesting to note how the characters of “heart” and “woman” coincide with one another. The heart belongs to the woman both physically and emotionally, however, the poem mostly focuses on the heart and its journey. For example, the heart “enters some alien cage in its plight” (6) in the second stanza. Johnson is describing the heart more as a person than as a body part. Therefore, “The Heart Of A Woman” uses personification throughout the whole piece in order to humanize the heart. The heart also transforms into the

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