Analysis Of The Maze Runner By James Dashner

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The protagonist of James Dashner’s, The Maze Runner, wakes up in a pitch, black box not having any memories of his previous life besides his name. Thomas showed up to the Glade as the newest member. When Thomas first arrived at the Maze he was scared and angry. He didn’t really want to talk to anyone, and only cared about finding a way out, or remembering more than just his name. Thomas may have started out as a clueless greenie, but he quickly became their savior. In the short time he was in the Glade, he knew he wanted to be a runner. Even after being told about how awful the changing is if you get stung, and how dangerous of a job it is, Thomas felt he was put in the Maze to be a runner and figure out a way to help his fellow Gladers. …show more content…

‘I want to be a runner.’” Thomas explained that if he stayed in the Glade pulling weeds, or working in the blood house, he will go nuts. Despite being told how awful going through the changing was, and how dangerous it is to be inside the Maze, nothing changes his mind. Thomas got a first hand look, when he first arrived, how awful the changing was, hearing Ben scream out in pain and when Ben went crazy and attacking him. Thomas felt as though he has what it takes to make it as a runner and could help solve the Maze. Thomas feels like they have not exhausted every solution, and that there must be a way out; they just can’t find it. One of the first things that Thomas did that showed he could be the savior they have been waiting for, is when he ran into the Maze to save Minho and Alby. Minho found a dead Griever out in the Maze, and Alby wanted to go out to take a look at it, since they’ve never seen one dead. After a few hours of being in the Maze, they still weren’t back, and everyone was starting to worry they might not make it back. Thomas knew that the number one rule was that no one is allowed into the Maze at night. When he saw the doors closing, and realized that they boys wouldn’t make it back, he went against the rules, and ran into the Maze to save them. Thomas saw two boys who were in need of help, and didn’t think twice of risking his own life, to try and save theirs. When Thomas ran into the Maze to help, Minho had basically given up all hope. He said

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