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The mid 70’s became the climax in allowance for different family situation. Unlike the 50’s and 60’s where women played minor roles as housewives, the 70’s presented a new kind of role for females: single moms. Sitcoms such as The Partridge Family, focused on the mother figure and displayed the roles she undertook as both a mother and a father. Comparing The Partridge Family to a modern sitcoms such as Ben & Kate, these shows share a male characters that “fills in” the father figure gap and the struggle both mothers face as single parents. On the other hand, they differ in the child’s rebellion due to their void in a paternal figure. The show may centralise on a single mother, however, there will always be a male figure present to take the place of the father. Rabinovitz notes that in spite of the sitcom revolving around a single mom, a male figure, whether if it was a relative of the mother or an unsuitable mate for the mother, is incorporated into the show as a male representation for the child. In The Partridge Family, the band’s manager was the closest father figure the five children had. In Ben & Kate, Ben is the father figure of his niece Maddie. How these characters fulfil their father figure duties are similar as well. In the Partridge Family, the children spend most of the time with their mom and Reuben Kincaid, the manager of the band. Although Ruben regularly clashed with the children because of his grumpy attitude, he took on the paternal role of being present
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