Analysis Of The Movie ' Aida '

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For a long moment, when she was on the ground, mounted with a hand down her shorts, filling her body with such confusing, conflicting sensations, Aida was terrified. She could feel the control slipping, just as it had during her first match, and a part of the girl almost wanted to give up, get it over with, rather than letting her opponent drag out her defeat. But sheer force of will drove her to keep calm- as best she could, anyway- and wait for a chance, any possible opportunity, to present itself that would help her turn things around. And sure enough, that very miracle came, and in what seemed like no time at all, things had swung firmly back into Aida 's favor, her confidence swelling with every moment; each time her knuckles thudded…show more content…
Clamping down as tightly as she could on the toppled fighter 's bruised sides, leaving Ava with only one free arm with which to defend herself, Aida nonetheless had more than a little trouble keeping her balance as Ava began to buck and thrash with what energy her sore, tired muscles could provide. But the look of denial, disbelief, and desperation in Ava 's eyes was delicious, and for a scant moment, the Valkyrie nearly succumbed to the same temptation her opponent had; a part of her wanted to try and drag this fight out just a bit longer. But Aida was champion for a reason, and where Ava had let her arrogance and desire to showboat cost her a potential win, Aida was not going to let the whimsical tides of fate decide this outcome. But she knew that at best she 'd have less than half a minute to secure the win before the bell rang, and she was just so fucking tired, even lifting her arms was becoming more and more difficult. If Aida couldn 't end this, she didn 't know if she 'd be able to Ava in round two. Sweeping aside Ava 's vaguely defending free arm with her hand, batting it away every time she tried to raise it in a block, Aida cocked back the other hand in a fight fist and slugged the Sheriff across the jaw, shouting; “TAP, YOU SLUT! FUCKING TAP!” A second punch, and then a third, and even a fourth, and for a
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