Analysis Of The Movie ' Child Soldiers '

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Avery French
Professor Melissa Yedinak
English 101
9 September 2015 Essay 2: “Child Soldiers” The film Blood Diamond, portrays the life of a child soldier accurately as all someone needs to do is discover Ishmeal Beah’s autobiographical composition “The Making and Unmaking of a Child Soldier” to identify that the events are based on a firsthand account of the operation. From 1991–2002, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) carried out an insurgence that annihilated the small West African nation of Sierra Leone. The conflict created 2 to 3 million refugees and completely demolished much of the country 's infrastructure. This began a brutal war of terror against ordinary Sierra Leoneans. Villages of this nation were burned …show more content…

The film begins with the RUF raiding Solomon 's village in Sierra Leone. The RUF was notorious for using child soldiers, kidnapped from their families and trained as killers. Most of the people attacking were young children armed with AK-47 guns. It is said that the RUF used an estimated 10,000 child soldiers to fight its violent war. During this attack, Solomon Vandy is captured and forced to labor in an RUF diamond mine. In another attack shortly after, Solomon’s young son is also captured. Later in the film, he is shown at an RUF camp, being taught with a group of children his age to forget their families, pledge loyalty to the RUF, use weapons, and to kill without remorse. Dia was known as a great student and wanted to become a doctor. He was also very attached to his family. Once captured, Dia becomes ruthless and loses his identity. He is now known as “Captain Dia” to the rest of the young soldiers. While digging at the mine, Solomon discovers an incredibly large and valuable pink diamond and buries it in a secret location to protect it from the RUF. The army of Sierra Leone launches a deadly air strike against the rebels and the survivors, including Solomon, are arrested. They are taken to jail back in the capital of Sierra Leone. Due to a

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