A Character Analysis of the Film: Blood Diamond (2006) Essay

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This study will analyze three central characters in the film: Blood Diamond (2006) by director Edward Zwick. By understanding the moral and ethical dilemma of illegal “conflict diamonds” being stolen and smuggled by Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) there is an unethical and immoral business dilemma he must deal with through other characters he encounters during the Sierra Leone Civil War of 1999. Another character, Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou), is a native of the region that has been captured and forced into slavery as a diamond miner/laborer that invariably comes into contact with Archer after he discovers a large and rare diamond that he hides during his work shift. This aspect of the film opens the possibility of Archer slowly coming …show more content…

The Solomon character is also a traditional/loyalist figure, as he merely wants to use the diamond to find his family—as well as use it to find a way out of the country. He has traditional values that instill a better way of life (wanting his son to be a doctor) and to rise above the poverty that he and his family must endure under the European military occupation that had destroyed his village. In this manner, the conflict of the story arises from the values that both Danny and Solomon must abide by, which provide a moral question through the journalism that Maddy provides in the story.

III.The organization that Colonel Coetzee operates involves the use of military force and monies through European agencies that help crate civil conflict in order to exploit the natural resources of the Sierra Leone. His goal is to provide cheap diamonds found by stakeholders, like Solomon, that wish to use the blood diamond to free his family and to stop the exploitation of his peoples. Danny Archer’s means to an end is to be able to find these diamonds to make the Colonel massive profits off of them. These “blood diamonds” are the result of creating wars that destroy African communities, so that Europeans can live in luxury. Is it Danny that must find these diamonds and find ways to smuggle them out of the region during military conflict, artificially created by men like Colonel Coetzee. Maddy is involved with the American media, as she is trying to find a

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