Analysis Of The Movie Grease

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Grease: The Journey of Adolescence.
The movie Grease is about seniors at Rydell High School who are trying to find who they want to be while not giving up the identity they have already formed. Finding love while trying not to look weak for having emotions. Sandy, played by Olivia Newton John, is a teen who moved to Rydell after having a romantic summer fling with a boy named Danny, played by John Travolta. When she arrived at Rydell, Sandy found that Danny attended the school as well but acted nothing like the boy she met on summer break. Sandy is faced with identity vs. role confusion, self-esteem issues, and developing sexual maturity while she decides whether she wants to fit in with the tough Pink Ladies and win Danny as her …show more content…

Sandy walked out of the bathroom while Rizzo and the other Pink Ladies were wearing wigs, singing Sandra-dee and making fun of her. They hurt Sandy’s feelings and she realized she wasn’t fitting in with her friends. After some back and forth problems, Sandy and Danny finally dated, but at the school dance, Sandy got another blow to her self-esteem. She and Danny were having a great time dancing, they were even the stars of the dance, when Danny’s ex-girlfriend Cha-Cha slid in and moved Sandy out of the way. Cha-Cha was beautiful, dressed provocatively and was a great dancer. Instead of following Sandy, Danny continued to dance with Cha-Cha and they won the dance contest. Since they won the dance contest, they had to slow dance together. Sandy stormed out of the dance angry, hurt and jealous of Cha-Cha. The entire time Sandy was dealing with her self-esteem issues, she was also trying to decide who she wanted to be. She faced what Erik Erikson called identity vs role confusion. Identity versus role confusion is the psychosocial conflict in which adolescents must form a coherent self-definition or remain confused about their life directions (Sigelman & Rider, 2015). Sandy knew she was an innocent person with good morals and she didn’t get into trouble, but

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