Analysis Of The Movie ' Iron Jawed Angels ' By Martin Luther King Jr

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There have been many great activist in history, fighting against the oppression of African Americans. Martin Luther King Jr is famous for his “I have a dream speech” that took place on August 28, 1963. Dr. King led to the ending of the legal segregation among black and white people. In Dr. Kings essay “Three ways of Responding to Oppression," he clearly states three ways to deal with oppression. Dr. King believed the best defense against oppression being that of nonviolent resistance. The film Iron Jawed Angels (IJA) is also great example of oppression with the struggle to women rights in the United States. Mr. King stated that there are three ways of oppression that oppressed people deal with, acquiescence, physical violence, and nonviolent resistance. One must come out of their comfort zone in order to see new and in most cases better outcomes. Mr. King said, “In every movement towards freedom some of the oppressed prefer to remain oppressed”. This is exactly what happens in some cases, where the person prefers to continue with the unjust being done just because they know no other way or because they have become so accustom to that life style. For example, slaves started to get so use to being just slaves that they would not protest to try to have a better life style. Some did not think that they could have a better life, or even thought they did not deserve a better life since they had been told so many times. In the film IJA, they give a great example with the senators

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