Analysis Of The Movie ' Night Of The Living Dead '

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1968 was the year that North Vietnam launched the Tet Offensive against the United States and South Vietnam, the year that Martin Luther King JR and Robert Kennedy were assassinated, the year that started student protests and riots, the year that Black Power salute occurred and finally, the year that Night of the Living Dead came out. You may be wondering why a film would have anything to do with these historic events that occurred in 1968. Well, Night of the Living Dead is a zombie horror film directed by George A. Romero, this film that Romero created was a game changer for the film industry it lead to something bigger than purely entertainment. Romero’s goal behind his low budget black and white film was to construct subtext about social issues such as the Vietnam War and many other issues that went on during 1968. Romero’s zombie film’s present a sense of the failure of human co-operation. Night of the Living Dead is about a group of people that take refuge in an abandoned house when zombies begin to emerge looking for fresh human bodies to devour. The main character Ben does everything he can to control the situation but when the zombies make their way to the house the other characters panic. Slowly, the zombies find their way inside, one by one, the characters become the prey of the deceased. During the 1960s the Vietnam War took as many as 400,000 million lives including 58,000 americans. The US became involved with the war because politicians came to
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