Analysis Of The Movie ' Rain Man ' Essay

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Summary: In the film entitled Rain Man, a young, egocentric man by the name of Charlie Babbitt takes on the role of a struggling car salesman. While on his way to a small get away with his companion, Susanna, he receives a call that his father has passed away. During the time of the funeral, Charlie reviews his father’s will and learns that he was left a car and his father’s rose bushes. He also is informed that the amount of three million dollars was left to a man named Raymond. In hopes of receiving answers and some fortune, Charlie goes to the institute that Raymond remains in custody in and essentially kidnaps him. Soon Charlie finds out that Raymond is his brother and has high-functioning autism. Along the way on their road trip, Charlie learns how to handle the frustrating quirks of his brother’s disease and takes advantage of Raymond’s astonishing capabilities. Later in the film, Raymond’s caregivers request his return and challenge Charlie legally. In the end, Raymond is sent back to Cincinnati, Ohio to remain his life in custody at Walbrook Mental Institution. The Disorder: Autism: In the movie, Raymond Babbitt has what is known as high-functioning autism. Autism is a disorder in which the person usually has great difficulty communicating verbally or nonverbally with other people. Some victims of autism refuse to or may not be able to speak at all (Ciccarelli & White, 2014). This is not the case with Raymond. Although he has difficulties, Raymond communicates fairly
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