Analysis Of The Movie Rain Over Me

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Psychological Movie A psychological film is one that has notions of mental aspects, i.e., mental diseases. In my essay, I am going to feature the movie rain over me. Characters in the movie behave like people who have psychological disorders hence I will link their actions to psychological illnesses I learned about. Reign Over Me The movie was filmed in the year 2007 and is of drama genre. The film was directed and produced by the brothers Mike and Jack Binder. The play features Charlie Fineman (Adam Sandler) who lost her wife and his son in the twin towers attack in the year 2001.The events affect Charlie that he is completely changed from the cheerful guy he used to be to feel withdrawn. The silence makes his in-laws fear that the tragedy may have struck his sanity. Charlie seems to be suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder. Loading… Charlie Charlie gets reunited with a former college friend Alan Johnson (Don Cheadle). AT the time of the meet, Alan himself was facing marital issues. He tries to get Charlie the stress of losing loved ones. Alan at first fails to make Charlie open up, but in the end, he becomes successful. Charlie seems to have a liking on Alan because he did not know about his family hence did not ask him questions that reminded him of the pain he was suffering. On one night while drinking at a bar, Alan asks Charlie about his family, and suddenly Charlie’s moods are changed, he becomes hostile and infuriated and even throws a bottle

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