Analysis Of The Movie ' Smoke ' By Paul Auster

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There are many different types of stories being read or told in the world: some can be enjoyable, boring and even unrealistic. For example, in the film, Smoke, directed by Wayne Wong, and the short story, “Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story,” directed by Paul Auster, Paul a character in both the film and short story begins telling a story a wager between Sir Walter and Queen Elizabeth I. The wager, between both, was about “the weight of Smoke” (Wayne) and how it can be calculated. Although, Paul had his listeners complete attention with the story, about the method of smoke, not all stories are facts. Another character, in both e film and short story: Auggie, is a lonely man that is viewed as, he who “works behind the counter of a cigar store” (Auster 258) and has been friends with Paul “for close to eleven years now” (Auster 578). During their lengthy friendship, just recently, Auggie discovers Paul is a writer, and as he “considers himself an artist” (Auster 578) he views Paul as a “distinguished person” (Austier 578). In addition to Paul and Auggie, Thomas Jefferson Cole is a character only in the film Smoke. Thomas is a teenager; with any personalities and names, who manages to convince everyone he comes in contact with his stories. Story letting reflects on Paul, Auggies and Thomas purpose of time and loneliness while living in Brooklyn. Stories have different context and meanings to the readers and restating stories they lead to have a different interpretation. Therefore,

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