Analysis Of The Movie The Equalizer

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The movie The Equalizer is an action packed thriller directed by Antoine Fuqua, which follows Robert McCall, a former CIA assassin, who is trying to live a quiet life. His life heads in a new direction when he discovers that his friends’ livelihoods are in danger. McCall’s natural instincts take over as he liberates the people of his community. His duty to protect the innocent and seek justice defines Robert McCall as a hero archetype.
Robert is a courageous hero, who puts his own life at risk to defend the lives of the innocent. In numerous occasions, Robert resolves other individual’s issues within his community. He feels a sense of responsibility to help and protect others. For example, after Alina, a young prostitute, is not in the diner at their usual time, Robert goes to the hospital and finds Alina severely beaten. After that, Robert makes it his duty to secure Alina her freedom even though, “McCall doesn't want to kill. He goes so far as to fake his own death to get out of the business. But he is pulled back to help a young girl” (Alexander 1). Robert genuinely cares about Alina, even though they have only shared a handful of conversations. Robert offers Slavi, the owner of Alina, ninety-eight hundred dollars to free Alina, but Slavi denies the money and declares that she is worth a significant amount more. This causes Robert to annihilate Slavi and his men, leading him to gain Alina’s freedom. In addition, one day at Robert’s workplace one of his

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