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The video I choose to watch and write about was Third Ward TX. This really stood out to me from the other videos because it discussed different qualities the city has. I believe that Third Ward is a city where many of its residents are over looked by people in the city next to it, Houston. This video was produced by Andrew Garrison in 2007. In the film the director does an amazing job of highlighting the main problems of Third Ward TX. He also does a good job of highlighting the good things about it. They show the poor part of Texas where they have taken the old houses and renovated them. They made these old run down houses into a beautiful and safe place for people to walk through and view different types of art. The artist set up their …show more content…

I also found in the employment rate section that it said more than half the population was not in the labor force or unemployed. It also states that the crime rate has gone down since the art houses have been provided. I believe that this shows you how art can impact you and lift you up. The crime rates before this were very high over 29.1% of crime was considered violent and 7.3% was firearm related crime. This can be dangerous in a community where there are a lot of children. I believe the director uses a lot of pathos in this video by showing you poor families who have a hard time but still try and make the best out of everything. Another thing that really made me excited about this video was the fact that the art played such a big role in this community. For me art is a pretty big deal in my family. When I was growing up my Grandfather use to paint all the time. He would teach classes to people to help them learn how to paint for free. I feel like this experience I had ties back into the video because this is exactly what the artist do in Third Ward Texas. On a website I found,, It has an article that says, “Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. Research has shown art affects the fundamental sense of self.” I believe that this is what

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