Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night Of Angelina '

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The very next day Angelina was back to her oh happy go lucky self. Everyone was glad especially Demitrius. Class went as usual, but this time Angelina and Demitrius didn 't sit next to each other in Greek class. Both him and her didn 't want to repeat the incident that happened the other day. He wanted to remain close to her, but not that close. Today was a half day, so the bell rings dismissing the student for their weekend break. The Five friends gathered around each others cars.
“What you got planned for the weekend, Angelina? Lucinda?” Thomas had asked them. While they were talking, the snake like creature crept up on Maya 's shoulders again. But this time it was unseen and unnoticed.
“Its time, master.” It hisses into her ear, she …show more content…

Back at the High School parking lot, every one stares at each other with perplex expressions. All except Maya, her expression was blank, and flat. The wind starts howl, as if a tornado or a hurricane was getting closer. Than out of nowhere in the middle of the sky appeared a creature, not of this world. The alien, you could say, looked somewhat human, but with a mixture of a squid and a angel fish.
“Come to me, Maya!” He says “The time for us to rule over all now! I am free!”
As if on cue Maya, slowly raised her head. She no longer had her beautiful brown face any more. But instead her face looked half human and half alien. Her eyes gleamed a red looking color.
“Yes, Pharaoh Jayaven.” Than she slowly rises into the air and than disappeared right along with the creature.
“What just happened?” Thomas had asked with a even steal confusion look on his face.
“I know what just happened. Well I think.” Demitrius says, while placing his index finger on to his chin The Earth started to rumble again and the wind had died down a little bit.
“What 's happening, Demitrius, tell us.” Lucinda said while she was walking towards him. He was leaned up against Thoma 's car.
“Priest, told me that before humans had in habited the Earth, there was evil and ruthless creature sealed within it 's core. He was an evil space demon. But that was all he

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