Analysis Of The Movie ' Twelve Angry Men '

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No team member should left behind because of certain considerations; he or she must be recognized as a valuable piece of a team. Her or his opinion needs to be carefully taken into consideration. Her or his vote must equally count. Without these fundamental requirements, a team cannot effectively survive because team depends mainly on people who compose it. This assertion explains why these two topics below are crucial for the surviving of a team. “The Nature of Conflict: When team members have a common goal and feel accountable to each other, conflict can safely be used to see and understand varying points of view”. “An Assumption of Equality: "One person, one vote" is the operating rule for effective teams. Every idea is heard without judgment or comment, every idea has equal value These two topics seem very essential for a team effectiveness because it shows the accountability and value of each team member. The movie “Twelve angry men” is a perfect example to illustrate these two topics. In that movie, twelves men were assigned by the judge to decide if or not a young man murdered his father. These men came from different background, did not know each other but had something in common: the goal for which they found themselves in that team. Obviously, conflict was not avoidable because of their different personalities, education, profession, etc..; it was a real diversity group. In the beginning, the judge set the tone: the decision must be unanimous, one vote counted.

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