Definition Of Team, Larson & Lafasto ( 1989 )

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Refer to definition of team, Larson& LaFasto (1989) concludes that a team is a unit of two or more people who interact and coordinate their work to accomplish a specific goal. There are three important components in the definition. Firstly, it should be more than two people. Teams can be large groups and mostly teams have fewer than 15 team member. Secondly, people should have regular interaction and communication with each other. Third, people have a same direction and share a common goal. That means team members collectively desire to achieve a goal. It is important that teams appear characteristics in organisations to internal processes and team performance. Team characteristics can be divided into three parts: team size, diversity and member roles. In terms of team size, psychologist Ivan Steiner found that when there are five people in a team and it still add additional members will caused a decline in motivation, an increase in coordination problems, even general performance will decline (Yang, 2006). Refer to diversity, Robinson & Dechant (1997) points out research supports the idea that diverse teams can produce more innovative and creative idea to solute different problem. In a successful team, in order to maintain its member communicated healthily and to finish its task, it is necessary to have two types of roles: task specialist and socio-emotional. As a manager, managing a team should choice right type of team to accomplish task and balance the size and diversity

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